Tenant’s Frequently Asked Questions

Read our tenant’s frequently asked questions below:

Can I keep a pet in the property?

This is top of our list in tenant’s frequently asked questions as many landlords do not allow pets to be kept in their properties. Prior permission must always be sought before you sign for a property, otherwise this could be a breach of your Tenancy Agreement. If a landlord agrees to a pet being kept in the property a pet deposit and additional cleaning will be required at the end of the tenancy. Please mention your pet on your initial enquiry with us and we will happily point you in the direction of a pet friendly home.

Do I need insurance?

A tenant is responsible for insuring the full value of their personal contents and we also strongly advise that cover for any accidental damage to the landlord’s belongings (for example, carpets) is taken at the same time. An iron burn mark or drink stain to a carpet can be a costly repair, or in some cases, replacement. Insurance will cover these accidents for you and we are happy to provide you with information on insurance if you do not have your own provider.

What are Right to Rent checks?

We are required by law to check that you have a right to rent in the UK. We are unable to move you into a property without first certifying your passport in person, or your Visa documents where you are a non-EU citizen. We will also need to see proof of your current address.  We will confirm with you which documents are required at application stage.

How much is the Tenancy Deposit and when will I get it back?

The deposit is normally one month’s rent plus £150 and this is held in the TDS Custodial Scheme. If the property is managed by us we will conduct a check out at the end of the tenancy and your deposit will be returned in accordance with the TDS scheme rules, less any agreed deductions.

How do I pay my rent?

All rent should be paid monthly in advance, through your bank by standing order, using the reference provided to you. Your first month’s rent must be cleared in our account before you can move into the property.

Can I extend my tenancy?

A tenancy can be extended, subject to the approval of the landlord. If the property is managed by us we will contact you prior to the end of your tenancy to discuss your options.

How do I report maintenance issues or request a repair?

Some of the properties advertised by us are managed by us on a landlord’s behalf and some are managed by the landlord directly. We will provide you with this information at your first viewing. For properties we manage you would report any maintenance issues to us directly. For the properties we don’t manage you would contact your landlord directly. All relevant contact details will be provided to you prior to the tenancy starting.